Blue Light



Digital eye health


Since the 1980s computers have started to form a major part of our everyday lives. Intensive screen use is recognised as being a significant cause of eyestrain, headaches, dry eye, irritable eyes and loss of concentration.

Since the mid-2000s smart phones and tablets have become the digital device of choice. These devices are generally held 12-14 inches from our eyes meaning that prolonged use can cause more eye strain as opposed to the traditional PC.

At Infocus Opticians we can advise on various lens options in order to minimise the effects of screen use. We can tailor spectacle corrections to take into account levels of daily screen use.

Blue control is a filter built into optical lenses to neutralise blue light emitted by LCD and LED screens, digital devices, fluorescent and LED lights. This filter helps to reduce eye fatigue and strain. This filter is available in prescription as well as non-prescription lenses.