Contact Lenses

contact_lenses-Infocus_Opticians-kilkenny-naas-portlaoiseMost people who wear spectacles can easily wear contact lenses as an alternative to glasses.  Contact lenses are especially beneficial to those who lead an active lifestyle or play sport.  Contact lenses give an unrestricted field of vision and accurate depth perception.  Previous notions that contact lenses were “hard to get used to “or required too much responsibility with cleaning etc. are now a thing of the past.  Nowadays with high water content contact lenses we find excellent levels of comfort.  Daily disposables which mean no cleaning required have become the most popular choice in contact lenses.

At Infocus Opticians we perform a full fitting procedure taking into account the needs of the patient and choose the best lens type for the individual taking into account everything from desired wearing time to cost.
Choices include daily lenses, fortnightly, monthly lenses, hard lenses and extended wear lenses (can be left in for up to one month).