Eye Tests

eye testing at Infocus opticians Kilkenny, naas and PortlaoiseAs Optometrists our main role is to test the eye for visual error which may be corrected by spectacles or contact lenses as well as screening for eye problems which may not be correctable by simply putting on a pair a of glasses. Certain conditions if detecte that may require further medical investigations by an Ophthalmologist, e.g. glaucoma.

Test include;

  • Retinal Photography (A Digital photograph is taken of the retina which the patient can see)
  • Glaucoma Screening
  • AMD Screening (Macular Degeneration)
  • Slit lamp exam (microscope to examine front of the eye)
  • Visual fields (if required)

Childrens Sight Tests

An uncorrected visual error in a child can seriously impact on their development so early detection of possible visual anomalies is essential. Parents should be aware that in cases where there is family history of eye problems that sight testing is advised.
Various essential tests are performed including checking for “lazy” eyes and/or squints.

Driving Licence (Group 1 & Group 2)

To drive, a person must meet a certain minimum visual standard.  We provide a driver vision test for anyone applying for a first licence or renewing an existing one. Group 2 drivers are also catered for. We are more than happy to provide the relevant paperwork to accompany the eye test.

Sight-Test Entitlement

Any individual possessing a medical card or pays full PRSI contributions (including self-employed & student) is entitled to a free Eye-test every 2 years along with contributions towards prescription eyewear.