Frames to suit all

Should a person require glasses it can sometimes feel quite daunting when it comes to choosing the right spectacle frames to suit. This can especially be the case for the first time wearer. Everyone is unique. At Infocus Opticians our experienced staff will advise on which frame of eye glasses is the right one for you taking into account all factors including face shape, work, hobbies etc.. We stock a comprehensive range of frames to suit all budgets. We pride ourselves in stocking the leading brands in eyewear keeping in line with all the latest fashions and trends. Brands include Ray Ban, Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Silhouette, Tiffany and many more.

Children’s Frames

Kids glasses at Infocus opticiansWhen it comes to choosing frames for children and babies, care and attention is required. At all times frames are checked on the child by the optometrist to make sure size, fit and appropriateness for the relevant prescription is maintained. Correctly fitting frames are essential for children as poorly fitting frames can hinder the effectiveness of the spectacle prescription. We stock children’s frames with specialised materials, brands include Centro Style,  Ray Ban etc…

Sports Eyewear

Sports Eyewear at Infocus opticiansFor active sports people specialised eyewear is frequently required especially in cases where contact lenses are not a viable option. All sports prescriptions are fitted with toughened anti-fog polycarbonate/trivex lenses . We stock the junior Bolle range of protective sports eyewear which come with the appropriate safety certificates.

Sun Sports Eyewear

Cebe Running sunglasses high contrast at Infocus OpticiansWe provide tinted wrap prescriptions to suit active sports such as running, cycling, golf and skiing. These sports sunglasses are designed specifically with weight and comfort taken into consideration. We specialise in both Cebe and Bolle sports eyewear.

At Infocus Opticians we are more than happy to advise you on the correct lens as suited to your sporting activity.

Rimless Eyewear


Rimless spectacles give us the lightest most comfortable fitting frames available.

We specialise in the Austrian made Silhouette brand which would be recognised as a world leader when it comes to design of rimless frames.

We can tailor make shapes and sizes to suit personal choice and prescriptions. If frame comfort is what you require rimless spectacles are incomparable.

Safety Eyewear

Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses from Infocus Opticians, Naas, Kilkenny and Portlaoise

Infocus Opticans provide safety eyewear to various local companies and individuals. We provide Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses which meet the required EU standards (certificate supplied). These frames come in various different shapes and materials to suit different work tasks. Infocus Opticians can perform on-site testing to facilitate this service.

Choosing Spectacle Lenses

Choosing spectacle lensesFrom the eye-test the appropriate spectacle lens prescription is determined to correct your vision.

When the test is completed we will advise on the best lens-type that suits your needs whether be progressive lenses (varifocals), high index (for high prescriptions), photochromic (react to sunlight), occupational(VDU), coatings (anti glare) etc. We will discuss with you in the testing room various suitable lens options prior to frame selection so you can budget more effectively. All appropriate dispensing measurements are taken by the optician.