Sunglasses for All


When it comes to sunglasses we like to have something that’s fashionable and comfortable yet is fulfilling the main purpose of sunglasses which is to protect the eyes from potentially harmful UV rays and help avoid eyestrain from annoying glare.

At Infocus Opticians we stock the most up to date sunglasses in line with current trends and fashion.  Options include Polarised lenses, UV 400, photochromic and anti-glare. Options are available in both prescription and non prescription.


Please feel free to call in and browse at any time.

From the lorry driver to the casual walker we will advise on the most appropriate sunglasses for you.
Brands include Serengeti (with their award winning driving sunglasses), sports brands including Bolle and Cebe plus fashion brands including; Prada, Rayban, Tiffany and Kate Spade to name but a few.